Our Story

Much like many GREAT enterprises, 2A Media Inc was formed from a hobby and a passion for great online communities that would extend into offline relationships.

Over the years, many terrific forum communities would be abandoned by their original owners or sold out to a larger conglomerate whose sole purpose was to best monetize the page views, rather than creating and maintaining an online presence with winning strategy for everyone, including the advertisers, the owners and most importantly, the community users who made the forum what it is.

The experience attained while running great online communities including the requirement of having a GREAT domain name, which is your online address.  In that quest, we have acquired and invested in a portfolio of valuable domain names.

In our experience of working with small business owners, we realized that the majority of them needed education around the importance of having a great name and how it would improve their business. This need is what created our dual mandate for our company, to create and manage great online communities, and to work with business owners to provide them with an impactful internet address, either through an exclusive lease or acquisition.